3rd Party

  • Matrikon Process Doctor
    • Configuring Process Doctor takes a lot of time. We dedicated one of us and a Matrikon person for two weeks to set up the software in a new server, configure the software, and input the configuration for each loop.Reviewing the daily reports is tedious due to the way the web page is layed out. Use the weekly reports to flag problem areas that can be looked into with more detail using the daily reports rather than plowing through daily reports.Matrikon has made a small improvement by listing the daily reports in order of newest report first. This saves a little time when scrolling through all the individual daily reports.
    • ProcessDoctor (plantautomation.com)
  • Expertune Plant Triage
    • Invensys Loop Management Services are now using PlantTriage(TM) Performance Supervision System, from ExperTune. PlantTriage is configured within an hour, using Invensys configuration utilities to import the loop configuration. PlantTriage provides more functionality than Process Doctor. It also includes a fully integrated Loop Optimization & Tuning package.
    • ExperTune – ExperTune designs pre-packaged industrial software, which maximizes productivity and efficiency and reduces waste in the process industries.
      https://www.neles.com (New Site)
      http://expertune.com/ (archive link, Purchased by Valmet Merger)
  • Daqsa S.A.
    • FoxHunter is a FREE OPEN SOURCE (at sourceforge) tool for the Foxboro IA distributed control system.
    • With FoxHunter you can view, navigate and compare savealls.
    • Also you can edit the project and made files for iccdrvr.tsk, export to EXCEL and more.
    • FoxHunter IA saveall parser and editor download | SourceForge.net (04-26-2013)
  • Limeware Foxray
    • A complete automated solution for documentation and asset management of your Foxboro I/A DCS
    • (Schiender ownes this now)
  • Process Control Outlet
    • Sun Boxes (A-G)
    • Sun Peripherals (Keyboards, Hard Drives, Mice, etc.)
    • New/Used/Surplus IA Parts (FBMs, CPs, Nose Cones, etc.)
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