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by Duc M. Do <>

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An electronic discussion-style mailing list by the users for the users. Topics mostly revolve around the I/A product platform, but discussion about other Foxboro products is also welcome and encouraged. The list is hosted by as <>.

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Other Sources of I/A Utilities & Scripts

Angel Corbera’s compilation of scripts and utilities

Duc Do’s compilation of scripts and utilities (Missing)

FeedForward’s Download page for Foxboro I/A Utilities (Bought By Eosys) (Archive link)

Kevin FitzGerrell’s Scripts, Tips, and Fixes for Foxboro I/A (Missing)

CALC Block Compiler – Winston Jenks’s work-in-progress (Following up with Capesoftware)

CALC Block De-compiler – Another neat tool being developed by Winston Jenks (Dead)

Third-Party Suppliers & Vendors

CALCView – CALCView is a program for Windows and Solaris that makes CALC, CALCA, LOGIC, and MATH block creation and debugging much easier. Block logic can be stepped through one line at a time, and you can make changes on the fly with a windows-like editor. You don’t even need a CP! (DEAD

Cape Software – purveyor of VP Link®, which provides process dynamics in direct connection with an offline control system. 

ESSCOR – the process modeling company, maker of the FSIM Plus™ simulation tool, and ASCEND™ modeling package. (Bought By Schneider))

ExperTune – ExperTune designs pre-packaged industrial software, which maximizes productivity and efficiency and reduces waste in the process industries. (New Site) (archive link, Purchased by Valmet Merger)

FeedForward – FeedForward’s expertise is control system applications engineering, but their business is working with customers to improve the customers’ operations. FeedForward is dedicated to providing superior control system application solutions. (DEAD)

Foxray – Foxray from Limeware is a documentation/configuration management & productivity tool for the Foxboro I/A system. Foxray allows users to see all of the places a tag is used, manage I/O, and has a host of other features related to alarm management and general system health. (Bought By Schneider)

Freeware for Solaris – an archive of pre-built, freely-available software for Sun Microsystems’ Solaris operating system on SPARC and Intel platforms.

Machine Automation – creator of the alarm analysis software AlarmAnalyst. (DEAD)

PAS – PAS is a leading provider of Operations and Automation Effectiveness solutions to the process and power industries worldwide. Mapping and managing changes to the automation system is part of the Integrity Software solution and knowing the operation performance is the PSS software solution consisting of Alarm Management, Control Loop Performance, and HMI solutions.

Process Control Outlet – PCO is an alternative provider of material and services to the process control industry. PCO provides Intelligent Automation parts and bench repairs at substantial cost savings.

Process Control Services, Inc. – PCS offers reliable and cost-effective systems and instrumentation parts, repair, calibration, and service. PCS also provides engineering, installation, project management, and service for I/A Series® legacy migration projects. “Stay In Control With Our Quality Service.” (New Link) (Archive link Bought By FCX Services Inc)

Quest International, Imaging Systems Division – an ISO 9001-registered company that has been repairing industrial display monitors since 1982. 800-231-6777 

TiPS Inc. – producer of many control-oriented software products, most notably LogMate, an alarm management software, ACE, a browser-based alarm analysis tool, and netView, a browser-based alarm event monitor.

Total Technology Solutions – ERUS Software, the original developer of Visual Alert, has merged with Total Technology Solutions, Inc. Visual Alert, an alarm display and storage solution, is now supported by 2TSI.

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