I am an I/A god because

  • My Customer First number is 1
  • TAC calls me with the tough problems.
  • I still use the old phone number 1-800-441-6014. (it still works by the way)
  • I cut my I/A teeth on A07a
  • One command: setpars -mOUT=0.0 -gIknowwhatido
  • WOW this does work. Feel the power?
  • I can truthfully say I didn’t have any grey hairs before I/A
  • how about cd / rm -r *
  • I really feel that DM/Blocks/Sequence programing was made for me
  • I Ate, slept, and drank it since 1988 and I Aided other uses in need of help during desperate I A times!
  • I remember setting up an IA PW on a 286 Compaq Deskpro with 2MB of RAM, 5.25in Floppy, 80MB HD, and a Video 7 Vega Deluxe card running 640×480
  • I can truthfully say I had hair before I/A
  • vi is my editor of choice
  • I keep forgetting that ZZ doesn’t save and exit in MS Word… Also, if you google for “Foxboro IA” my webpage is at the top! I’m only #3 for “Foxboro DCS” though… -KF
  • I remember my first I/A class, held on the “new” version A06 software
  • I had to write a script to tell me what all my other scripts are for…
  • When I am finished, stainless steel is animated and takes on a life of it’s own…just like some of my log files.  πŸ˜‰
  • Alex Johnson has asked _me_ a question.
  • …and he gave _me_ an answer.
  • Alex asked me a question too, “Are you gonna eat that?”. I was.
  • This doesn’t alarm me C:B.ALMSTA.~AH0400 !
  • I can change the BPC of a CP with a hex-editor πŸ™‚
  • I am Alex Johnson and I ask myself questions all the time (and get answers, too). More than that I’m ‘Director, System Architecture’ for IPS so it’s my fault from now on.
  • I am an I/A god because my process operators tell me–and everyone else–I am. (Personally, I think they’re a being little silly. But, I’d be foolish to disrespect their faith, now wouldn’t I? πŸ˜‰
  • To be a devils advocate about the subject (pun intended)…. is there really an I/A GOD? If “God” implies perfect creation, and the I/A system is a far cry from perfection…. my logic deduces me to believe that no I/A God can exist! [Mark Dumond/FeedForward; all in humor of course]
  • Well, I think the lowercase g was intentional, and Websters says for little “g” god:
    1. a being or object believed to have more than natural attributes and powers and to require human worship; specifically : one controlling a particular aspect or part of reality
    2. a person or thing of supreme value
    3. a powerful ruler
      • So I think little “g” god is appropriate. And I particularly like part two of definition one. As for the Foxboro God (capital “g”), if there is one, [s]he is a capricious and cruel god, a riddle wrapped in an enigma.
  • I set-up a PW-SSI, a09b with 32 761’s…………..
  • My original ao9a sys config took 18 hours to do a check config (I think that was what it was called?) on a 286 intel machine. And I also had hair before I/A–TL
  • I am an I/A Dog because… oops wait. I thought you meant… nevermind
  • I have had the pleasure of using bpatch and fist.
  • I am root (the original one)….
  • Would that be Enoch???
  • Because I read Neal Stephenson (highly recommend: Diamond Age, Snow Crash, Cryptonomicon) – AJ
  • Because I am adding this from the 2004 I/A users group in San Antonio.
  • Because I work with Dave Johnson!!!!
  • Because if I had a resume, this would be IT! (Bo)
  • Because I’ve used CALC blocks and DM displays to make animated Christmas cards (no Macromedia Flash on I/A). Even deities get bored…
  • Alex is not an I/A God, but he’s pretty close.
  • I’m the Ric Flair of the I/A! Whoooooooo!
  • I just upgraded the wiki. boooyaaa
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