Weird Problem

Ok here is the Order of events

  • You have a source lets say CP0001 Which has a “?” C1:AIN_1.PNT
  • Then add a block “sink” with CP0002 has a “?” C2:AIN_@.MEAS = C1:AIN_1.PNT which this block has a delta change alert of 10%.
  • It would then be added to the object manager table.
  • When changes delta is exceeded send value to Sink
  • Send on change delta exception to C1:AIN_1.PNT Which in turn Changes C2:AIN_B.MEAS
  • But if you add a second , third, or more blocks like C3:AIN_B.MEAS which equals C1:AIN-1.PNT Which Changes Delta of 1%,  all deltas get changed to 1% even the 10% is not a 1%.
  • But if you remove the extra blocks -like C3:AIN_B.MEAS  the change delta will not go back to the original setting unless clicked on or acted on by any other block that uses the same source for it to reset back to 10%

 Here are some diagrams:

First one is a normal loop. 

This is the weird one. 

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