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AWK Scripts

  • cass.awk – a sample of what can be done with the awk command file.
  • mkwrapper.awk – a simple workaround to keep the script files documentation identical across platforms (Solaris and NT).

C Programs

  • alm_line.tar.Z (15 KB), read_me [v1.2, 3/08/00] – the attached program creates a pseudo-device which captures alarms and sends the message to a number of display manager message lines. This means that the operators can see the alarms without having to change displays.
  • dmstat.tar.Z (11 KB), read_me [v1.1, 12/13/2000] – The compiled program dmstatus determines the current location of the display managers. The companion shell script can be used to query multiple hosts for display manager availability.
  • gethist.tar.Z (38 KB), read_me [v1.1, 3/15/00] – this program is a C program which retrieves historian data from the Foxboro Historian using standard Foxboro API calls and outputs the data in a variety of text formats. The data can be retrieved from archives and reduction groups.
  • hexutils.tar.Z (9 KB), read_me [v1.0, 5/15/00] – tohex is a binary-to-hex converter that prints out ASCII strings so the user can see them and modify them with sed or whatever. ASCII strings so printed will not cross line boundaries so you can edit them easily. fromhextakes the output from tohex and puts it back as binary. Source code is included so the utilities can be compiled on NT as well. The tar archive contains source code and Solaris binaries.
  • histq.tar.Z (21 KB), histq.tar.gz (14 KB) [v1.0, 5/31/00] – histq is a command-line data extraction tool (in C, using various Foxboro libraries) to extract data from FoxHistory (not the older Historian or the new AIM*Historian).
  • makeaatab.tar.Z (21 KB), read_me  [3/16/00] – this utility scans the graphics as designated in the <lbug>AApan file and creates a complete, accurate, functional and annotated <lbug>AAtab file.
  • omrd.tar.gz (32 KB), read_me [v1.2, 8/16/00] – this program allows Object Manager (OM) variables to be accessed in a similar way to omget/omset. Unlike omset/omget it does not broadcast for the data for each variable on each request.
  • plb_dump.tar.Z (47 KB), plb_dump.tar.gz (29 KB), (31 KB), read_me[v1.2, May 1999] – this utility reads the ladder logic definition file for an I/A PLB block and prints the contents of the file to the standard output device. The output can include a list of the labels used (or all labels in the block), the ladder logic of the block, a cross-reference list of the labels used and timer/counter preset and reset values.
  • set_mtk-0.0.1.tar.Z (39 KB), (205 KB), read_me [v2.0, 6/30/93] – this program sets the Master Timekeeper on the I/A system with a command line to achieve the same effect as ‘Set Time’ function in the SMDH.
  • stat (24 KB), a tool for Solaris and Windows to retrieve the create date and time stamp of a given file. Source code included.
  • xsynchmtk-1.0.0.tar.Z (100 KB), read_me [v1.0.0 07/22/2002] – shell script plus binary programs ccimktime and set_mtk. Retrieves the current date and time from a well-synched time server via rsh and updates the Foxboro I/A Series Master Time Keeper using utility program set_mtk, ignoring time zone differences. Assumption is that the LOCAL timezone on the time source server reflects the “experienced” time to be set for the node. Includes sources, make files and executables for set_mtk (see [set_mtk-0.0.1.tar.Z]) and ccimktime.

Shell Scripts

  • [v1.04, 3/21/00] – this shell script extracts points from local historian and checks to see if they exist. It keeps a list of bad points from this exercise.
  • (7 KB), ez_archive.tar.Z (8 KB), read_me [v1.0, 4/18/00] – ez_archivecopies important files from /opt/fox/ciocfg to a remote station for back-up. The companionez_archive.restore script copies the files back in case the files need to be restored.
  • fbm_search.tar.Z (31 KB), read_me  [v1.0, 12/4/00] – All the tools needed to build a graphical display of all the FBMs in a given CP. Each FBM on the display is represented by its letterbug. Clicking on the letterbug runs a script file which creates a substitution list and then calls up a re-useable display that gets filled in by the script with all the configured I/O blocks on that FBM.
  • [v1.21, 3/17/03] – this shell script extracts FBM data from a checkpoint file and returns the data for all FBMs attached to a particular CP (supplied on the command line). FCM/FBI communication modules used with CP-60s are also included in the report. sample output.
  • (2 KB), kill_idle_dm.tar (7 KB) [v1.0, 10/12/01] – this shell script monitors activity on a collection of display managers and kill a DM if it remains inactive over a prescribed period.
  • remote_dmread_me – used to initiate a remote DM session, this script is an improved version of /opt/ia/go_dm that works well with PCs using dynamic IP addresses allocated through DHCP.
  • (405 KB), manual , read_me [v2.2.1, 6/28/03] – this shell script creates a SaveAll for the stations defined. It uses the Foxboro standard utilities on the I/A distribution in /opt/fox/ciocfg/api/.
  • (2 KB), read_me [v0, 9/03/02] – an automated SaveAll shell script for the AW-70 platform. It also uses the Foxboro standard utilities on the I/A distribution in /opt/fox/ciocfg/api.
  • xref.tar (198 KB), installation notesdownload & info page [v0.94, 12/17/01] – I/A Cross-Reference Utility to document the cross references between control connections, displays (both Display Manager and FoxView), historians, sequence code (explicitly referenced in sequence code), and FBM point usage.


  • (11 KB), read_me  [2/27/01] – a custom large cursor for FoxView and instructions on how to modify and use it.
  • eSelect.exe (36 KB), read_me [v1.0, 10/17/00] – a free alternative to FoxSelect for the AW-70 machines. [freeware, not open-source software]
  • file2dsk & dsk2file (23 KB) – the command-line standard file2dsk.exe and dsk2file.exefor file transferring, along with Helpful Hint 989 for runing them on Windows 2000/XP. [freeware, not open-source software]
  • FoxFiles.exe (3.2 MB), read_me [v3.0.2, 2002] – a replacement for file2dsk.exe and dsk2file.exe with a graphical user interface. FoxFiles only runs on Windows 2000/XP. [freeware, not open-source software]
  • (944 KB), manual [submitted 1/26/06 by Adam Pemberton] – a PC-based utility that assists with the converstion of DM displays to Foxview displays. Empahasis on correcting things that the I/A display conversion utility doesn’t get quite right, such as fonts.
  • “Goodies for I/A” CD – a compilation of all the good things that are missing on the plain-vanilla I/A box.
  • msgmgr-6a.exe (1.71 MB), read_me [v6a, 6/08/04] – a PC-based alarm/alert system for Foxboro display managers running on a PC. [freeware, not open-source software]
  • (2.27 MB), rccs.tar (112 KB), features list , installation notes , download & info page [v0.92.1, 11/12/01] – Remote Control Configurator is a client/server application providing ICC functions from a networked, Windows-based PC without using X-Windows emulation software, with familiar Windows look-and-feel, and multiple simultaneous ICC sessions possible. [freeware, not open-source software]
  • (1.8 MB), read_me [v3.0.2, 12/12/02] – a free utility to convert I/A work files into ASCII format files. [freeware, not open-source software]
  • AIM_Config.xlsm (24 KB), read_me [v1, 10/09/13, submited by Ignacio Queirolo <>] – An EXCEL spreadsheet used to import and export the AIM points configuration from the .inp file
  • INDBLOCK.s (3.37 KB), [v1, 3/19/20] A modified indblock.s for /opt/fox/ciocfg/sequenskeleton/


  • Letterbug pin-out diagram (contributed by Mark Dumond, Feedforward)
  • OPC_Service_Manual-v1.7.pdf  (2.2 MB) [v1.7, 4/15/05] – Another contribution from Ron Deen of Invensys Process Systems in Baarn, The Netherlands. “Foxboro I/A Series OPC Solutions – Installation, Configuration, Troubleshooting.”
  • OSIPIonIA.pdf  (317 KB) [v2.2, 1/25/06] – Ron Deen of Invensys Process Systems in Baarn, The Netherlands, contributes another comprehensive document on installing and configuring the OSI PI interface on an I/S Series system. A sample pistartup file is included.
  • raptorgfx_installation.pdf  A procedure to install a Raptor GFX (2nd) video card on a Sun Ultra-5/10 workstation (51-series D-style) at I/A v6.4.
  • xterm80.pdf  (3.8 MB) [v8.0, 2/4/02] – Ron Deen of Invensys Process Systems in Baarn, The Netherlands, contributes his comprehensive document on X terminals and many of the popular X emulators. This file is rather large and will require long download time.
    You may want to download its table of contents  (71 KB) first to see if the entire document is what you want.
  • xterm-dns-dhcp15.pdf  (1.2 MB) [v1.5, 3/15/05] – This manual shows how to setup I/A 51-series hosts to work with MS Windows-based X-Terminals having dynamic IP addresses administered through DHCP and DNS services running on a Linux workstation. By Rob de Groot ( at and Ron Deen (ron.deen at of Invensys Process Systems in Baarn, The Netherlands.
  • Manual_For_IA_Controlers_V6.pdf  (1.15 MB) [v6.0 1/23/2004] – This document is intended as a support and a guideline for a course about the wide variety of controller functions that are offered by Foxboro. By Hub Stapper (hub.stapper at of Invensys Process Systems in The Netherlands.
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